Anonym Funding

Thanks for your interest in INDACEA. Here you are our bank account so you may transfer your funding:

ES02 2100 0984 5002 0004 5729

Please, if you are interested in one or certain categories, refer it in the remarks field from your banks form.

Need help?

Please, if you have any doubt or need help, do not hesitate to contact us on (+34) 717711552 (cellular), via Skype: (Usuario: INDACEA) or writing us at

The projects we currently are trying to fund


Please, click here if you are searching for a specific project.

In what category is the disease I'm interested in?

Please use the following search box:

Payment Methods

There are three payment methods:

a. Credit card,

b. Debit your bank account;

c. Bank transfer in our bank account.

If you need more information, please, follow this link.

Si quieres más información, por favor, sigue este enlace.

Safe Payment

Any data you’ll be sending us via this form will be done with a safe technology. Communication between your device and our servers is encrypted. Your data will be managed only by our authorized personnel.

Please, if you need more information, follow this link.

Where does my money go?

Your funds will be commited to the medical research of the categories you have selected. In each category, there may be one or several projects to be funded or wating to be funded.

Your actions impact on the projects to be funded

There could be several projects waiting to be funded in each category. We want you to help us choose which ones should start earlier. That’s why you’ll have the optione to select which ones you prefer.

Your opinion is really important to us. Please, do participate (no matter whether you are funding a category or not).

Do you want your vote to have more value thant others? There’s a way to do it. Take a look to Are you IND.

Do you want to know where's the money already accumulated?

In “Transparency” you’ll be able to see the accumulated amounts and you’ll even have access to our accounting..

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