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Wellcome to INDACEA!

We are finally here! It’s taken us some time and a lot of hard work, but INDACEA is now a reality.

In this first article we would like to welcome you to this section: INDACEA’s blog. We want to share with you our strength and hope to confront diseases. INDACEA (your medical research network) is a nonprofit organization promoting medical research. The main goal is to speed up the discovery of treatments for any disease or injury.

If you are thinking, “and what about the diagnosis?” we would like to inform you that we also focus on that. In order to speed up the cure of any rare disease, in has to be diagnosed first.

INDACEA was created by a group of people who are very aware of how hard it can be to live with a disease, or be the partner, friend or relative of someone who suffers from it. We are also aware of the added difficulties for those who have a condition for which there is currently no treatment or even a diagnosis.

La Investigación Médica es la solución

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It makes no difference which disease you are worried, be it cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, bipolar disorders, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsies or any other disease, we are convinced that medical research is the solution and that’s why INDACEA focuses on it.

Don’t get us wrong, that’s not to say that we think that improving the quality of life should take a back seat. Quite the contrary, we believe that it is equally as important, and much needed while medical research tries to find a solution. However, there are patient organizations taking care of that and they do a very good job of it.

In this blog you’ll read about our way of thinking and about our concerns. You’ll also find information about diseases, research projects, news and interesting articles related to medical research.

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Are you IND?

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