What do we do?

INDACEA is a non-profit organisation to fund medical research. Maximum objective is to speed up the discovery of treatments for any condition or diseases.

The association is founded by people very awared of the toughness of suffering a disease or being a relative or friend of someone who has one and the great difficulties when there are no treatment or even a viable diagnosis.

Despite of the diseases that may worry you, we think that medical research is the best way to achieve this goal and that’s why INDACEA dedicates to it. We shall not fool ourselves. It is also necessary the existence of other tools that may lessen these difficulties and improving the quality of life of affected people and its relatives due to a disease, but that’s something some other non-profits do, and they do it really well.

INDACEA - Fund Medical Research

INDACEA - Fund Medical Research

What can you do?

We have grouped the pathologies within 12 groups of diseases. In these groups, you may see where will your money be invested and what projects are in cue. Aditionally, you will be able to choose the next ones to be funded.

To increase results in medical research, funds are needed. From only 5€/month you will foster research towards the diagnosis and treatmen of the diseases in the groups you’ve chosen. The decision of using your investment in one group or dividing it among several groups is yours.

INDACEA is your channel to fund medical research

INDACEA is just a channel to make your funding reach and foster Medical Research. We’ve realized that there are a lot of people willing to fund Medical Research. Nowadays it’ll be almost imposible for a citizen to find and evaluate the suitability of Medical Research Projects without a platform such as INDACEA.

Additionaly, researchers must dedicate too much time on searching funds (time that will be best used in medical research).

INDACEA is the meeting point.

The service INDACEA offers is a simple one: anyone interested can contribute with a small amount (minimum €5 Euros per month) to the research category or categories that is of personal interest to them. Meanwhile, INDACEA analyzes the submited researched projects and, if found suitable, they will be published in our web to accomplish people’s willing: to fund medical research.

Our objectives

  1. Fostering projects of medical research dedicated to improve the knowledge of the origins, triggering mechanisms, diagnosis and treatmen of a condition or disease.
  2. Foster (and accomplishing) the funding of projects of medical research.
  3. Foster cooperation between researchers and favouring traslational medical research projects in order to make improvements in fundamental research be applied to the affected people and their families.
  4. Coordinate the funding of projects promoted by INDACEA and/or othet non-profits.
  5. Boost Education Programs for health professionals oriented to the research or treatment of a condition or disease.
  6. Foster general distribution and dissemination to improve knowledge of the population with respect to a disease or condition.
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