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The concept of INDACEA arose quite some time ago, and can be traced back to 2006 when I decided to join a patient organization (a non-profit association of people affected by a certain illness or disease), dedicated to the chronic neuromuscular disease that I suffer from. I became more involved with the association, being responsible for the association’s accounts for several years, and eventually I became a member of its board of directors.

Thanks to this association, I made extensive contacts with doctors and researchers and I’ve been able to gather great amounts of information regarding both their work and the context of their work. In general, these patient organizations provide significant support to people affected by specific diseases or illnesses. They also do important work in informing the rest of the population about their particular disease and the difficulties encountered by those who suffer from it; but most importantly, these associations focus on improving the quality of life of the sufferers. Despite the limited resources they receive, they do a very good job.

There is no doubt they would like to do more and expand their work to reach out to all areas but that’s impossible. One of those areas would be raising funds for medical research. That idea first occurred to me and lodged itself in the back of my mind eight years ago when I joined the association.

Approximately three years ago, a member of my family (who now collaborates with this project) made significant efforts to boost a foundation (Teaming). This foundation consisted of an online platform in which individuals allocate one euro per month to finance social projects (for things such as the provision of treatment for an individual; providing food to people who have no resources; or even to open a kennel for sick or abandoned dogs).  

That was when all the pieces began falling into place for me. Why not combine something as specific as belonging to a patient organization with an online platform open to anyone interested? Today, patient organizations play a very important (and vital) role by informing, defending and supporting the day-to-day lives of those affected by diseases, and the families and friends around them. Why not go one step further? Why not address the root causes? Why not invest in medical research? That was when the seed that was sown in 2006 began to germinate and grow into what INDACEA is today. Those were the origins of INDACEA.

The good work has already begun, and with your help it will continue and grow to give more help, and hope, to more and more suffers; to their families, to their carers, and to those working to alleviate their symptoms and find a cure for their illnesses.

Jerónimo Torralba

Founder and President of INDACEA

The Origin of the Name

INDACEA, “Your network for medical research”, is a strong and positive organization, eager to better itself. It’s fresh, dynamic and exciting, but it never forgets that it’s dealing with a serious subject.

When creating the name for this organization, several elements were needed:

  • A name that could be pronounced and understood in as many languages as possible.
  • A short name.
  • A unique name.
  • A name that includes our describing features: network, investment, research and cure.

The word indacea was created to capture all of these elements and is composed of:

  • the Latin prefix indu-/ind (inside) from the Latin word indagare which means “to track”, “to search for a clue”;
  • and the Latin acea, which in turn comes from the Greek akos, meaning “remedy”, “therapy”.

INDACEA: Search for the remedy

From all that, our identity is born:

INDACEA – “Your network for medical research”

Regarding the logo, the coloured circles represent the different groups of the population organized and working together towards a common goal: health and wellbeing.

Want to know about our logo designers? You can contact them here: ió hipermèdia and solworks.

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Latiendo Juntos

Latiendo Juntos

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